Zendesk vs. Gorgias

Looking for a Zendesk alternative? See why leading Shopify merchants are switching to Gorgias.

Discover Gorgias

Zendesk vs. Gorgias

Looking for a Zendesk alternative? See why leading Shopify merchants are switching to Gorgias.

  • Use Shopify data in your responses, macros, and rules/triggers.
  • Perform Shopify actions inside Gorgias such as cancel, refund, duplicate, edit address, etc.
  • Stop paying per agent, per channel and per store on Zendesk. With Gorgias, get unlimited agents and connect multiple Shopify stores.
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Zendesk vs. Gorgias

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A stronger Shopify integration

Gorgias is a Shopify Plus technology partner designed for Shopify stores. Unlike Zendesk, with Gorgias you can:

  • Display customer information pulled from Shopify and other integrated apps, alongside the tickets (ReCharge, Smile, Yotpo, etc.)
  • Include Shopify variables in macros with only one click (tracking number,  shipping date etc.)
  • Cancel, refund, duplicate, edit notes, update shipping info, create gift cards and more all from Gorgias!

Manage all of your information in one place. No need to bounce between tabs and copy paste order info!

Maximize your productivity with automation and integrations


Combine the data pulled from Shopify with Gorgias rules to set up automatic and personalized auto-responders to those "Where is my order" messages.


Using Shopify data in rules, you can automatically sort, tag and assign your tickets based on their topic and attributes. If a customer has spent more than $500 or placed more than 10 orders, tag them as VIP and assign the right agent.


Gorgias integrates with 20+ apps: ReCharge, Smile.io, Yotpo etc.

See ALL features

All your channels in one app, not one app per channel

With Zendesk, you need different apps to respond to customers. As a result, customers need to repeat themselves when they switch channels.

Manage all your support in one app with Gorgias and get a complete history of the conversation across all channels, including live chat, Facebook Messenger, and social media comments. You can even hide, like and reply to social comments from Gorgias.

Unlimited agents

Do you have part-time agents? Do you want your entire team to be able to check out tickets?

Stop paying for user seats and pay on productivity. Gorgias’ offer unlimited agents and admins.

Convert your support team into a profit center using revenue statistics

With Gorgias, start measuring the impact of chat on sales and see how much money you team is generating from support.

Reward your agents on customer conversion and revenue generated by pre-sale tickets.

Gorgias is an always-improving app that gains new features on a monthly basis. We are agile and ship features according to our user feedback and requests.
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1000+ companies have switched to Gorgias

Our response time dropped from 20 hours to 30 minutes. Signing up with Gorgias was definitely the best decision!

Corinne Johnson

Made the switch from Zendesk and haven't looked back. The team is super responsive, and helpful. Platform is straightforward.

Ian Anderson

Thanks to Gorgias' intuitive interface and integrations, our small team is able to scale up while providing a high level of support.

Danny Taing

Now that we've switched to Gorgias, what would usually take me a minute now only takes a few seconds.

Logan Pedersen

We absolutely love Gorgias! It has changed the way that we have done Customer Service. It saves us so much time and effort.

Deven Davis

Gorgias gives us a holistic view of our customers. This way, we can provide them with fast & personalized help

Nicole Snow

Will save you and your team countless hours. The set up and ease of use on Gorgias are unmatched

Russell Saks

Gorgias helps us provide an excellent customer experience! It's customizable and tailored to fit our needs.

Annie Zutz

90% of our customer queries come through Facebook Messenger. The Gorgias-Facebook-Shopify integration is amazing.

Guita Gopalan

When a customer needs me to edit their order, Gorgias allows me to do it in one click. Neat!

Alicia Levine

With Gorgias, we have all our support in one app. We've reduced response time to less than 5min.

Laurent Partouche

The customer service is wonderful! We have seen a huge increase in efficiency, now that we are using Gorgias.

Stephen Grear

This app is incredible, it cut my workload by 70% and makes our customer service much more efficient.

Shahil Maharaj

Gorgias has a fantastic integration with Shopify and has improved our customer service experience.

Damian Grabarczyk

Gorgias has made our lives much simpler and we are able to access all incoming questions in one place. Excellent tool.

Rebecca Petris

Outstanding training and support. Very intuitive program with lots of features that will save us a lot of time.


Gorgias gets things done. We were struggling to respond to emails and Gorgias solved everything.

Jessie Frenkel

The macros dramatically reduce response times and you can set up rules to do almost anything you can think of.

Madeline Alcott

Gorgias integrates a surprising amount of information while still leaving it clear to view quickly.

Donna Chambers

Top support system with great functionality and support, features and refinements constantly being added.

Niklas Oppermann