Unlimited agents. Our pricing follows your growth.

  • Unlimited agents
  • 600 tickets
  • +$6 per each additional 100 tickets
  • 7 integrations
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  • Unlimited agents
  • 2000 tickets
  • +$5 per each additional 100 tickets
  • 15 integrations
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  • Unlimited agents
  • 6000 tickets
  • +$4.5 per each additional 100 tickets
  • 30 integrations
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Have more than 10,000 tickets per month?

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to pay for spam?

    No! You only pay for tickets that contains a response from an agent, sent from Gorgias.

  • What’s a ticket?

    A ticket is a conversation with a customer. It can be either an email thread, a chat, or a Messenger conversation.

  • Do chats count as tickets?

    Yes. Every support conversation that contains a response from an agent is considered a ticket.

  • Do I need to pay more for chat?

    No, all channels are included. You can connect as many chat widgets, facebook pages, and email addresses as you want.

  • I don’t know how many tickets I get per month. Can you help?

    Sure. You probably receive about 1,000 tickets for each agent in your team. So if you’re paying for 10 seats with your current helpdesk, you’d pay for 10,000 tickets with Gorgias.

  • What level of support is included in my plan?

    We provide all our customers with the same level of support. We're available 9am-7pm PST, over chat, email & phone. You can also join our Slack community to chat with our team.

  • I need help integrating an app with Gorgias. Is that included in my plan?

    Yes. We're happy to help you add your own integrations at no additional cost.

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