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Manage all your customer support in one place

Gorgias is a helpdesk built for Shopify, that gives you a unified view of your customers.

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Help your customers
on every channel

Most support teams use different apps for support: one for emails, another one for chat, etc. As a result, when customers contact support through email, and then jump on the chat, they need to repeat themselves, and this causes frustration.

With Gorgias, when customers contact you, you immediately see their conversation history across all channels. This way, your team provides fast & personalized support.

Get a unified view
of the customer

With traditional helpdesks, you need to constantly switch between apps to get customer information.

Gorgias connects with ALL your apps to give you a complete picture of the customer. You can see their last orders, delivery info, payments, or anything else you need by connecting your back-office in a few minutes.

Supercharge your
team’s productivity

As you grow, support gets repetitive and your agents may end up using standardized macros by lack of time.

Gorgias helps your agents to be super efficient. They can refund payments in one click, edit orders, and personalize their response using customer context.

See customer data
from your apps

Display Shopify orders next to support conversations, and edit them in one click.
Show subscription information. Cancel & re-activate subscriptions.
Display shipping information & tracking urls next to tickets.
Post notifications on Slack when tickets are created or updated.
See loyalty points next to tickets. Award points with macros.
Provide phone support & create tickets when customers call you.

1000+ companies switched to Gorgias

  • Gorgias gives us a holistic view of our customers. This way, we can provide them with fast & personalized help.

    Nicole Snow
  • We recently made the switch from Zendesk to Gorgias. It's by far the best solution available for on the market.

    Phil Roireau
  • Gorgias helps us provide an excellent customer experience! It's customizable and tailored to fit our needs.

    Annie Zutz
  • Will save you and your team countless hours. The integration and ease of use on Gorgias are unmatched.

    Russell Saks
  • When a customer needs me to edit their order, Gorgias allows me to do it in one click. Neat!

    Alicia Levine
  • With Gorgias, we have all our support in one app. We've reduced response time to less than 5min.

    Laurent Partouche

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