All your customer support
in one screen

A multi-channel helpdesk integrated with your back-office

Gorgias helpdesk ticket view

See the full customer profile

Is your team constantly switching between your helpdesk and your back-office to look up customer information?

Gorgias connects with your back-office to show the profile of the customer. You can see orders, recent payments, and anything else you need.

Gorgias helpdesk rules view
Gorgias helpdesk ticket view

Email, social media & chat.
All together

When a customer starts a conversation over chat, and then sends a email, chances are your team will treat this as two distinct conversations.

Gorgias provides a single interface to communicate with your customers, regardless of the channel.

No more repetitive actions

80% of the support requests are about the same topics. We know this problem, we've done some research about it.

With Gorgias, you can attach an action to a macro, like giving a credit to a customer. This way, your team won't have to repeat manual actions all day long.

Gorgias helpdesk ticket view
Gorgias helpdesk rules view

A helpdesk your developers will love

We know you're most productive when your helpdesk is tightly integrated with other tools.

We've made it easy for your dev team to integrate other apps with Gorgias, with a robust & clean API.

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