All your customer
support in one place

Gorgias is a helpdesk which helps you communicate with your customers across all channels. It provides rich context on who they are, so your team can provide great customer support.

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Get rich customer profiles next to support conversations

When a customer contacts you, you're probably switching to another app to check their profile.
With Gorgias, you immediately know who you're responding to.

Show customer data

Help your customers on every channel

Your customers are everywhere. They shouldn’t adapt to your company’s communications channels, you should adapt to them.

With Gorgias, you can easily connect all your communication channels, and respond to your customers through email, chat, Facebook Messenger & more.

Multichannel customer communication

Perform actions in 3rd party tools

When you respond to a customer, you frequently need to perform actions in other apps.

You can perform actions in Gorgias itself, like editing an order in Shopify, or refunding a payment on Stripe. Possibilities are endless: you can add all the custom actions you need.

Perform actions in 3rd party apps

Build any workflow you want

Your customers' requests are different. You may want to prioritize new customers, or certain type of issues.

You can build rules using variables from 3rd party apps, like the order count of a customer.

Porwerful rules

Gorgias makes your customers happier


With Gorgias, we have all our support in one app. We've reduced response time to less than 5min.

Laurent Partouche
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My agents love having all customer info readily available. It definitely streamlines the process! Read case study

Sheryce Rice

When a customer needs me to edit their order, Gorgias allows me to do it in one click. Neat!

Alicia Levine

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