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Our mission

Help independent e-commerce brands provide an outstanding customer service experience.
How we do this? We want to change the role of support agents from responding to repetitive questions to being sales associates that advise customers. Gorgias helps brands automatically respond to basic questions, and track the impact of customer service on sales so support becomes a profit center.

Company culture

Culture is the combination of all the habits we have at Gorgias. It’s how we work together, spend our day, communicate, what our product looks like, who we hire. Here’s our latest and best imperfect attempt to put it in written form so new and potential hires can better understand what it’s like to work at Gorgias.

Take ownership
Realize it's your own company, because you have equity. Each teammate has their own responsibilities and personal objectives. Use available resources to achieve your goals.
Automate your work
Understand the problem and identify what steps are repetitive and ripe for automation, look for existing SaaS tools to automate them, ask an engineer if you need help. We hire people that can and willing to learn to automate a big part of their job.
Put the customer first
We’re a customer support company, our customer support needs to shine. Respect the customers trust, data privacy and maintain high availability.
Be honest And Transparent
Both with customers and colleagues. At Gorgias all metrics are available for everyone. And we don’t sacrifice honesty for money!
Decide using data
When you need to make a decision, collect data on it. When you’re very confident, you’re good to go! When you want to do something new, consider it as a scientific experiment and measure the impact.  
Focus on the few things that matter
There are so many things you can change at Gorgias, but only a few changes will have a significant impact. When working on something, identify the 1 or 2 things that are moving the needle, and only focus on those until you have results.
be passionate about what you do
Ready to join a team of passionate people? You're at the right place!

Around the office


All Gorgias full-time employees have equity in the company. More on equity here.
Company Offsites
Every six months, the Gorgias team flies away for a company retreat: Lake Tahoe, San Diego and much more.
Free lunch
At Gorgias, lunches are paid by the company. Every day of the week.
We onboard new employees with branded welcome gifts.
We go out together, organize team building activities and parties.

What we've been up to

Gorgias is a team of 15+ people, based in San Francisco.

Meet the team

Romain Lapeyre
Co-founder & CEO
"I like hacky growth experiments and crazy sport challenges. On my spare time, you'll find me biking around SF or eating banana bread".
Alex Plugaru
Co-founder & CTO
"I like doing tech support for my parents! Big fan of hard sci-fi, pickup basketball and 4x strategy games".
Martin Latrille
Full-Stack developer
"IMHO, the best perk at Gorgias is the TRUFF sauce. I also love to travel, read and play video games".
Louis Barranqueiro
Full-Stack developer
"Writing code to enrich the lives of others. Cruising on 0, 2 or 4 wheels the rest of the time".
Aasif Osmany
Account Executive
"I've been known as an entrepreneur, a public speaker, an avid fisherman. Find me out on a lake in my free time reeling in my next big catch!"
Emilie Drouin
Growth Manager
Ionut Colceriu
Frontend developer
"Progressively enhancing the web during the day, scrappy hacking the rest of the time".
Marius Nedelcu
Axelle Heems
Growth Manager
“Moved from Paris to join the Growth team and to entertain them with my questionable taste in music”.
Sonia Moatti
Growth Manager
"I moved to San Francisco after business school for my 2nd job in Growth. I'm fluent SQL and like to make random jokes".
Philippe Roireau
Head of Partnerships
"World Citizen, Ecom Enthusiast, Crazy Skier. I love helping Ecom entrepreneurs’ scale x10".
Chloe Kesler
Customer Success Manager
"I’m wildly curious and ambitious! Outside of work you can find me enjoying the outdoors with my son or working on a creative project".
Vlad Temian
Full Stack Developer
"Hack my way, thru the day, with coffee and Vi".
Pawel Maciejewski
Frontend Developer
"I speak fluent Polish and JavaScript. After hours I play board games and brew beer".
Richard Venturini
Account Executive
"Juice, nuts, help desks, I sell it all! Find me on the weekends jumping out of trees or hiking the coast".
Victor Suo
Machine Learning Engineer
"Classification and regression are my things. Tell me who you are, I’ll tell you where you belong. Appart from that, I like jacuzzis".
Loris Zinsou
Full-Stack developer
"<3 Python, JavaScript and indie games".
Redon Gjika
Growth Manager
“In love with data, obsessed with execution and structure. Putting my Albanian blood on everything I do to get things done - quick & clean”.
Nikola Dimic
Customer Support Agent
"I always like to look on the optimistic side of life. Love basketball, traveling, sparkling wine and good food."
Bojana Pusara
Customer Support Agent
"My deepest passion are people. Other than that, addicted to music and stories writing."
Aleksandra Pavic
Customer Support Agent
"Video games, books and a lot of lasagna = me! I aim to learn a new thing every day and become a Jack of All Trades, if not Master of One."
Blake Allen
Account Executive
"I love to play and watch basketball. Also have been told my spirit animal is a sloth."

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