A helpdesk built to maximize productivity

Discover how Gorgias can help you serve your customers better

Treat common requests in one click

One-click response to common requests

Actions in macros

Perform actions in 3rd party tools when you use a macro. Like refunding the last order.

Macro variables

Reference the name of the customer, or the order number in macros.

Customizable user profiles

Build custom user profiles using data from Shopify, Salesforce and lots of other integrations.

Respond to customers on all channels

Email, chat, facebook, sms & phone


Connect multiple email addresses and manage them from one single app.


Add a live-chat on your website, and be notified in your help desk.


Be notified when customers contact you on Facebook Messenger or when they post on your page.


Get instant notifications when you get an SMS, and respond from Gorgias.


When a customer calls, it creates a ticket with the transcript.

Enjoy using your helpdesk

Ticket view

Create your own views

Build custom views to display exactly the tickets you need to see.

Segment users

Create custom segments of users based on their lifetime value, or other properties.

User history

For each ticket, see the previous conversations you had with the customer, across all channels.

Merge users

When a customer contacts on you on Messenger and email, you have a unified user profile.

Assign tickets

Collaborate and track performance by assigning tickets to team members.

Tag tickets

Understand why customers contact you using tags.

Internal notes

Collaborate with you co-workers, by leaving notes on tickets.

Collision detection

Never do duplicate work with agent collision detection.


Track why customers ask for help and monitor your team's productivity.

Automate your workflows with rules



Automate ticket tagging, assignment, or automatically reply to common messages.

Multi-level logic

Build IFs inside IFs to organize even your most advanced workflows.

3rd party app actions

Trigger actions in other apps in your rules, like tagging a Shopify order or triggering a zap.

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