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The complete helpdesk for your Shopify store

Gorgias is an all-in-one helpdesk for Shopify merchants. From live chat to automation, we've got you covered!

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Connect all your support channels

Email, Chat & Messenger

Connect your support channels and manage them all from a single platform.

All tickets are managed in the same way regardless of the channel, with tags, macros and rules.

Instagram and Facebook comments

Stay on top of your social comments, including ad comments.

Multichannel communication for Shopify customer service

Set up smart autoresponders with rules

Quit repetitive tasks and focus your time on quality customer support.

Automatically sort, tag and assign your tickets based on their topic and attributes.

Combine the data pulled from your apps with rules to set up automatic, personalized messages: 30% of your reponses are now automated.

Instant chat and Shopify order tracking

All the helpdesk features you need


Add tags to your tickets to sort them in your custom views.

Assignment & anti-collision

Assign tickets to your agents to distribute incoming tickets. Avoid duplicate work by seeing who is working on a ticket.

Internal notes & mentions

Collaborate directly on tickets using internal notes and mentions.

Customer service and Shopify app automation
See the full customer history

Conversation history and order data

Customer timeline

Gorgias keeps all conversations with a same customer in one place, regardless of the channel.
This way you can easily scroll through and keep track of your conversation history.

Customer information panel

Gorgias pulls relevant data from Shopify or any ecommerce back office to provide you with rich information on your customers in a clear information panel: order details, tracking number and more.

Edit customer accounts in other apps

Edit customer accounts and orders in other apps from your helpdesk: issue refunds, cancel orders, modify delivery addresses.

Drive revenue with chat campaigns

Why wait for your website’s visitors to contact you? Contact them first!

Trigger live chat conversations with website visitors, give product advice based on cart content and guide them through to checkout. All the more for your revenues.

Initiate coversations with chat campaigns

Data-rich macros

Create message templates that automatically include customer information such as order details and tracking number. Less copy and pasting, more personalised messages, in a click.

Insert variables in your macros

Monitor your team’s performance

Gorgias provides major customer service KPIs to help you better understand customer requests and track your team’s response time.

Statistics can also be sent to your preferred BI tool.

Get statistics on your tickets

Mobile friendly

COMING SOON Provide customer service wherever you are by using our mobile app.

Multibrand support

Sort and reply to tickets according to each brand from a single helpdesk.


Connect your own back-office tools to Gorgias to provide your support teams with rich customer context.

Integrate with knowledge base platforms

Gorgias connects with the best helpcenter apps such as elev.io & helpdocs.io

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