A helpdesk built to maximize productivity

Discover how Gorgias can help you manage all your customer support from a single app.

Connect all your channels

Connect your support emails, social media and more in a single support app.

You can also add a live-chat to your website, and get instant notifications in Gorgias when visitors contact you.

Get a consolidated view
of your customers

previous conversations

When a customer contacts your company, you immediately see previous conversations, across all channels.

Context from your apps

Gorgias pulls information from your apps to show rich customer profiles. You can fully customize the information you want to display.

Actions in 3rd party tools

Refund payments, edit orders, change the shipping address or create tasks without leaving the conversation with the customer

Maximize the productivity
of your team

Use intelligent macros that automatically pull variables from other apps. You can then add a bit of personalization and respond to the customer within seconds.

You get the best trade-off between personalization and efficiency.

Automate repetitive tasks
with the strongest rule engine

Set up smart autoresponders to respond to common support requests. For instance, tell customers about the delivery status of their last order when they contact you.

We know your workflows can be complex, so we help you build multi level logic, using variables from 3rd party apps.

Get rich statistics on what
customers are contacting you about

As you scale, gaining insights about why customers are contacting you is key to your business.

Gorgias helps you understand the top reasons why customers ask for help, what channels are the most popular among your customers, and how well your team is doing at helping them.


Connect multiple stores and support channels to manage all your brands in one place

Built for collaboration

Share notes with your teammates and instantly see if someone else is on a ticket to avoid duplicate work


Connect your own back-office tools to Gorgias so your support teams gets rich customer context

Integrated knowledge base

Gorgias connects with the best helpcenter apps, such as elev.io & helpdocs.io

Start using Gorgias now

Create your helpdesk in minutes. Our team is here to help and would be happy to chat with you.