Gorgias team

Our goal is to make it easy for any company to deliver outstanding customer support at scale. We are building a helpdesk which makes support agents 2x more efficient.
We're looking for talented people who care about improving the life of customer support agents. We're actively recruiting, if you'd like to join, let's talk!


Romain Lapeyre
Co-founder & CEO
Alex Plugaru
Co-founder & CTO
Martin Latrille
Full-Stack developer
Louis Barranqueiro
Full-Stack developer
Aasif Osmany
Account Executive
Emilie Drouin
Growth Manager
Ionut Colceriu
Frontend developer
Marius Nedelcu
Axelle Heems
Growth Manager
Sonia Moatti
Growth Manager
Philippe Roireau
Head of Partnerships
Chloe Kesler
Customer Success Manager
Vlad Temian
Full Stack Developer
Pawel Maciejewski
Frontend Developer
Richard Venturini
Account Executive
Victor Suo
Machine Learning Engineer


Current openings