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Learn how Black Rifle Coffee handled a 5x support volume increase
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50+ employees
150,000 customers
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Black Rifle Coffee, a veteran-owned coffee roasting company based out of Salt Lake City, had a tremendous amount of press in February. After Starbucks announced they’d hire 10,000 refugees, they said they’d do the same with veterans.

As a result of media coverage, their traffic spiked, most products went out of stock, and the support volume went up. Here is how Sheryce’s team managed to keep up with the increased support volume.

Get the order history next to support messages

Black Rifle Coffee uses Shopify in the backend, along with Stitch as an ERP and Shipstation as a fulfillment platform. Since most questions are order-related, Sheryce’s team used to spend 30% of their time looking up customer information. With the increased demand, this wasn’t sustainable.

They connected these 3 tools to Gorgias. Now, when a customer contacts the support team, they immediately see their last order, the associated inventory, and the delivery info from USPS.

Display USPS data in sidebar

Personalized macros

When you deal with 20k+ tickets per month, you need to rely on macros to save time on most common questions. The problem with macros is that they are very generic, and you may end up sounding like a robot. Sheryce’s teams uses data from Shipstation & Shopify in macros. This way, the response is already personalized when they use the macro.

Use Shopify variables in macros

Automated responses to delivery status questions

During the peak, about half of the support requests were about delivery status. Since the volume was so high, and since it took a bit of time to hire new support reps, customers had to wait for a few days to get an update on their delivery. To eliminate the wait, the team decided to set up automatic responses with Gorgias. It leverages machine learning to identify the delivery status requests, and sends an automatic response with the tracking url if the order has shipped, or the ETA if it has not.

Bottom line

By connecting their Gorgias helpdesk to Shopify, Shipstation & Stitch, Black Rifle Coffee has managed to multiply by 5x the number of customers they serve, while improving the personalization of responses. This is also a big gain for the reps: they no longer have to switch between tools, and can spend more time with customers, leading to faster response time.

Black rifle coffee
We've expanded quite significantly from roughly 150 emails per day to about 800 per day quite literally overnight and Gorgias has been beyond helpful every step of the way!
Sheryce Rice - Director of Customer Engagement

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